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About Us

The ABC management team combined has more than 130 years of experience with syringe pumps in the medication delivery marketplace. Their experience extends throughout the history of syringe pumps including Auto-Syringe (Baxter), MedFusion (Smiths), and MiniMed (Medtronic). In 1984, Bill Arthur co-founded MedFusion while Charles Lee and Julius Stempfle were senior R&D executives at MedFusion (now Smiths Medical).


About the Pump

ABC Syringe Infusion Pump Model 4100

The ABC 4100 syringe infusion pump is the ideal solution for enteral feeds and IV deliveries with its durable metal housing, compact size, and minimum weight. Made in the USA.


Dimension/Weight Specifications

Pump size: 9.5”x 3.95” x 5.9”                              

Pump weight: 4.9 lbs

Cord length: variable



  • FDA listed
  • available for enteral feeding and intravenous deliveries
  • all metal housing
  • multiple delivery modes and options
  • AC operation or battery back-up
  • easily removable battery pack
  • ease of use
  • visual and audible alarms
  • accepts various syringe manufacturers
  • accepts syringe size 1mL to 140mL
  • integrated handle 


Pole Clamp

ABC RPC 001-5990

The ABC rotating pole clamp is the perfect accessory to complement the Model 4100 with its easy IV pole installation and 360° rotation that allows the syringe to face upward. Made in the USA.


Dimensions/Weight Specifications:

RPC size: 5.25" x 4.75"                      

RPC weight: 1 lb



  • Rotates 360°
  • Easy operation
  • Accommodates different IV poles
  • Secure fit and hold to the pump and pole
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight